The Of 29 Million Project

The faces of the National Mall.

read article Whether it's with family, friends, or colleagues, people from all around the world travel to the National Mall to experience its rich history and beautiful monuments. America's Front Yard is a place here people from across the country and around the world come to learn about our nation's history and enjoy numerous recreational activities. 

More than 29 million people visit America's Front Yard each year, and we want to share their stories learn more here.

“We’ve been here so often, but there’s always more things to see.” -- Gordon & grandson, Donovan (Orlando, Florida)  

“My favorite spot is on Independence where the Jefferson is on your left and the White House on your right.” -- Alex (Washington, DC)


"It really gives you a unique perspective on American history, 'cause nowhere else is like this." -- Sam (Oakland, California)


"I haven't been here since 1955 - 58 years ago when I was five. I remember so much of it." -- Donna (Savannah, Georgia)


"Why did you become a National Mall volunteer?" "Because I'm a nerd." -- Dan (Mahwah, New Jersey)


"You feel proud to be an American especially when you’re standing right in the middle of all these spaces. You think of all the amazing things that have happened in America." -- Donna & Bethany (Staunton, Virginia)


“I like the Korean Memorial… My dad served in Korea and Vietnam was really cool because we did the etching of my dad’s friend who served.” -- Keith (Minneapolis, Minnesota)