Stories of Courage

Honoring the Greatest Generation's heroes

The Stories of Courage contest was launched for Veterans Day 2013 to honor and celebrate World War II veterans and those who supported the war efforts on the home front by sharing their stories and photos.

Interested in sharing your story of courage with the Library of Congress? The Veterans History Project is preserving firsthand accounts of war so that future generations may learn directly from veterans. Download their Field Kit here.

Grand Prize Entries

The Soldier and the Little Girl

Roy Laman forged a unique friendship with a little girl in Holland. Decades later they were reconnected. Read Roy's Story of Courage.

Eli Linden's Story

Eli Linden survived a shrapnel wound and a five month "stay" in a German P.O.W. camp. Read Eli's Story of Courage.

Third Place Entry

Mike Billey's Long Walk to Freedom

Mike Billey never imagined that he would have to walk 800 miles at gunpoint. He’s glad he had to do it only once. Read Mike's Story of Courage.