Lockkeeper's House

Phase I of the Rehabilitation of Constitution Gardens

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We're Moving the Lockkeeper's House

The Lockkeeper's House — the oldest structure on the National Mall — will be relocated and restored with a new visitor-friendly entrance, surrounding outdoor plaza and interior digital education displays.

Untouched for nearly 40 years, the 180-year old structure will soon welcome visitors from around the world to the National Mall.

The Lockkeeper's House is a gateway between the city to the north and landscapes of the National Mall to the south, east and west, making it the ideal venue to showcase the story of the development and construction of the National Mall.

Field Report No. 2

Following the first phase of interior demolition, several steps are taken to prepare the new location, brace the house and outline the adjacent outdoor plaza.

A large crane was brought to the construction site to help prepare the foundation that will support the 180-year-old home at its new location. The crane and a drilling rig are excavating the grounds and then drilling multiple H-Piles approximately 14 feet deep for the new foundation. Concrete is then poured over the layer of gravel and mud slab.

The exterior stones on the house are being cleaned where mortar has dissolved to remove dirt build-up. The architects and contractors on this project will color match the existing stone mortar to repoint the house—patching stones together with new, color-matched mortar where necessary. Following the exterior repointing and floor demolition, the entire house will be braced in preparation for the big move.

A redesign of the walkways will continue to allow for easy connections, but it will also create a new outdoor space for visitors to reflect on this historic site.

What's Next

Check back in for more information from the next phase of the project where we will move the Lockkeeper's House to its new location.

Support This Project

Limited public funds are not sufficient to relocate and restore this humble structure on the National Mall.

An additional $3 million in private funding is needed to complete this project and interior digital exhibit, providing guests the opportunity to interact with visitor-activated projections of animated historic figures, helping tell the story of the Lockkeeper's House and the National Mall.

By preserving the Lockkeeper's House, we are choosing to save a critical part of our shared history.

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This Project Was Partially Funded By

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

The Honorable C. Boyden Gray

Clark Charitable Foundation

American Express Company

Dr. Scholl Foundation