Trust for the National Mall and National Cherry Blossom Festival Join Efforts to Conserve Trees at Tidal Basin

Groups align to raise funds for the official Cherry Tree Endowment that annually preserves, protects and replaces the beloved trees

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Kate Greenberg

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 9, 2017) — The Trust for the National Mall and the National Cherry Blossom Festival announced today that they are forming a new alliance to benefit the Japanese flowering cherry trees at the Tidal Basin and surrounding areas. Both organizations will collaborate on marketing and sponsorship development in an effort to promote and advance this conservation effort. As part of the new partnership, The Trust for the National Mall will be designated as an official non-profit partner of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. 

The cherry trees were a gift to Washington, D.C. from the city of Tokyo in 1912, symbolizing the sustained and lasting friendship between Japan and the United States. The new partnership aims to raise awareness and funds for the Cherry Tree Endowment, which is focused on the preservation and protection of approximately 3,800 flowering cherry trees that line the Tidal Basin on the National Mall. Each year, more than 90 trees are replaced at a cost of $600 per tree, along with other maintenance to repair the walkways and seawall. In order to maintain this national treasure, funds raised by this joint effort will contribute to the endowment to both protect the existing stock and replace failing trees.

“The National Cherry Blossom Festival attracts millions of visitors each year, making it the perfect venue to raise awareness about the need to preserve the cherry trees. There is a shared responsibility to sustain this wonderful gift to our nation, and the Trust – in partnership with the Festival – is dedicated to helping bring in necessary funds to appropriately care for the iconic trees and surrounding Tidal Basin,” said Catherine Townsend, President of the Trust for the National Mall article source.

“The Festival’s collaboration with the Trust for the National Mall will enable us to play a larger role in safeguarding the cherry trees,” said Diana Mayhew, President of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. “Together, we will be protecting an iconic symbol of international friendship that is beloved and enjoyed by many.”

The 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival will be held March 15 – April 16. For more information on how to support the work of preserving and replacing the cherry trees and surrounding areas, please visit

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